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Getting you dialled in for every earnings season

Written by: Braden Dennis, CEO, FinChat.io

Today, we bring you the launch of our “earnings” tab. Live now!

  1. Earnings call audio player.

  2. Slide decks

  3. Upgraded UI for transcripts

  4. Investor days and product launch events

We have just released these features that should make you want to drop everything now and check them out here. 

P.S. many of you asked us for live prices on the Dashboard, we pushed that in there last week as well. 💪

OK, let’s dive in…

NEW - Earnings Tab

Earnings Audio 🔊

Right in FinChat, listen to the earnings call right after the call concludes with the transcript at your fingertips to follow along.

Slide Decks

You asked for a one-stop shop with FinChat. Now you’re getting it.

No more switching between the platform and the investor relations website.

We got you covered. All-in-one.

Dig into slide decks from earnings, product launches or investor days right in the beautiful user interface.

How to stay on top of new features 🚀

We keep our Changelog up to date on all major feature releases.

These new feature drops will be available on our AI tool “Ask FinChat” early next week. Everything will be connected and seamless.

If you’re liking the platform, have suggestions or just want to say hi… reply to this email. ✌️


Braden Dennis, CEO, FinChat