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We're Giving You FinChat Pro 🎉

They say the act of giving brings immense joy.

Our Team has been rapidly pushing code to build the best research platform on the internet.

We got together and thought “how can we show everyone?”


We provide every FinChat user with a Pro subscription automatically for the next two weeks. So that is exactly what we’re doing… we’ve decided to give you unrestricted access to FinChat Pro for the next 2 weeks.

That means you’ll have:

  • Longer Data History

  • Our entire Segment & KPI data

  • Unlimited Dashboards

  • Unlimited AI Prompts

  • Unlimited Events (Earnings Calls, Transcripts, Slide Decks)
    + much more.

During this next two weeks, if you’re using the upgraded version of FinChat and think to yourself “Yep, I’ve seen enough, take my money.”

1) Understandable.

2) For the next two weeks, you can upgrade your account with 15% off all paid plans by using code UPGRADE15 at checkout.

We know it can be overwhelming with everything FinChat has to offer, so here are 4 easy ways to test out your new FinChat Pro Features:

The dashboard is where you will begin your journey every time you sign in. Think about it as your investing home screen.

And with FinChat Pro, you get unlimited dashboards. So feel free to build a couple of watchlists too.

For fundamental investors, this is probably where you'll spend the majority of your time.

To get a glimpse at all the important data for any business, simply search the company name or ticker in the search bar at the top of FinChat.

With FinChat Pro, you get 10+ years of all financial data including FinChat’s own Segments & KPI’s.

Step 3: Ask FinChat

At any point that you’re on our platform, our conversational AI assistant will be there to help.

Simply click the gold “Ask FinChat” icon in the top left corner or type your question into the search bar to have your investing queries quickly answered.

And with your new access, you have unlimited AI prompts, so ask away!

Our fundamental charting tool allows you to compare the financial performances of any businesses among our 100,000+ stock database.

Just type the businesses/tickers you’re looking for into the company search bar and select the metrics you would like to visualize.

As a FinChat Pro user, you now get up to 20 years of financial data.

Don’t forget, as part of this offer, for the next two weeks, you can upgrade your account with 15% off all paid plans by using code UPGRADE15 at checkout.

If you have any questions, you can use our help page, or simply reply to this email! We are happy to help.


Braden Dennis

Cofounder & CEO, FinChat.io